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donation, help in time of need: I am desperately trying to raise money for several life changing goals that

I am desperately trying to raise money for several life changing goals that will help me to secure a better future for myself. I am begging for the publics help in making a difference in one life. Please give me the option to fight these mental health issues and get my life back from the horrors that have been plaguing me for years now. I'm only 29, but have had the last almost 10 years stolen from not just mental health issues but being the victim of a very cold and brutally violent attack that left me with 3 titanium plates and screws in my face and a severe nerve disorder which causes excruciating pain.
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Hello, I need help getting housing, if I could get enough money to get a one bedroom

Hello, I need help getting housing, if I could get enough money to get a one bedroom apartment for me and my two children. I would need a down payment and a month's rent. I think that I would be able to get a job and handle paying rent on my own. Thank you.
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Hi there, im not in need like many people here is! But if you can afford and want then

Hi there, im not in need like many people here is!
But if you can afford and want then please donate to me.
Im a 15 years old boy from sweden who is a drummer and a amature photography!

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hELLO Im in a terrible need of help getting a down payment for our house we had to do a

Im in a terrible need of help getting a down payment for our house we had to do a fast move because landlord needed to move into our home. So we are out. My Daughter is autistic and she needs stability. I've found a place to live but need down payment to uy as I have no family to co sign
. I've never done this before I haven't slept since Friday when I found out I will do anything for my daughter im all she has. And she cant live on her own So if you can help God Bless you if you cant no problem. Thanks you my paypal not really sure what to do with it is I really don't understand all this but I hope someone can help
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chriskatour   in reply to chriskatour   on


ello everyone i am new to seeking help onine because i am in dire need of it...i am unemployed and have a four month old son .. a job is very hard to find at the moment and im trying to make $600 at the moment to help me and my so....and im just praying for a miracle....Please Help me
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Please help me to finish my Phd

I am a Phd student and I need financial aid to finish my studies. I really need help as I have no any support from my university. I paid all my research by my own, working hard but now I am so tired and so in a financial difficulties that threaten my studies. I need 6000$. If 6000 persons give me 1$ I will be saved. Please help me.
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redfire   in reply to Seeking hope   on

Leaking Roof

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helpthisweetgurl   in reply to helpthisweetgurl   on

If there is any hope...I'm running out of time.

If nothing else....pray for me! My kids are so embarrassed of the home we live in....they are made fun of I know....I just would like to stop the laughter....and show them that anything is possible.
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If there is any hope...I'm running out of time.


I am a mother of three.....I am looking for someone that would help me to start my own business. I know what I want to do...I just don't have the money....It would take 1600. My life story would take too long....but, if you are interested in helping a kind, honest, loyal, woman that would pay you back or pay it forward....I am the one....I don't mean to sound self-centered but, No one is more deserving than me....If any interest please email me....and I can tell you more about myself....Thank you.....God Bless.

I am running out of my time because my house if literally falling in. I am smart, but don't know where to start. I have tried alot of other jobs...this time I want to do something I would love...
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Please help me with a donation to go to my mom's funeral

Hello Everyone..I'm never one to ask for help, but i'm a single mom of 2 little boys and a few hours ago i had a call that my mom has died suddenly. She lives abroad..I have'nt got the 1st penny to go to the funeral or visit them. I have'nt seen her in over 10 years mainly because of financial difficulties. I need approximately £3000 including return flights. I've asked my friends on facebook for donations but mot of them has'nt got it. Any help from you guys would be great, as i need to go there within the next 2 weeks..I pray God gives me and my amily strength. This is my Facebook page. . Please add me and also my email and paypal is . My mobile number is 0044-7746951613. May God bless you all. Thank you.

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About charity-donation+help-me

can anyone help direct me to free home repair on my aunt roof? its in bad need of fixing which she has no money?
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estefano51   in reply to Abdul Haque   on

help me..let me live

i would like to know if is anyone helped ?
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Need help to fix my poor old jeep >.<

Just so u all know what this disease is suppose to be. Read this---
Pelizaeus-Merzbacher - 2 reference results
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Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease
Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease (PMD) is a rare central nervous system disorder in which coordination, motor abilities, and intellectual function are delayed to variable extents.
The disease is one of a group of genetic disorders called the leukodystrophies that affect growth of the myelin sheath, the fatty covering--which acts as an insulator--on nerve fibers in the brain. It is caused by a usually recessive mutation of the gene on the long arm of the X-chromosome (Xq21-22) that codes for a myelin protein called proteolipid protein 1 or PLP1. The majority of disease-causing mutations are duplications of the entire PLP1 gene. There are several forms of Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease including classic, connatal, transitional, adult variants. Interestingly, deletions at the PLP1 locus cause a milder form of PMD than is observed with the typical duplication mutations. This demonstrates the critical importance of gene dosage at this locus for normal CNS function. Milder mutations of the PLP1 gene that mainly cause leg weakness and spasticity, with little or no cerebral involvement, are classified as spastic paraplegia 2 (SPG2). The onset of Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease is usually in early infancy. The most characteristic early signs are nystagmus (rapid, involuntary, rhythmic motion of the eyes) and hypotonia (low muscle tone). Motor abilities are delayed or never acquired, mostly depending upon the severity of the mutation. Most children with PMD learn to understand language, and usually have some speech. Other signs may include tremor, incoordination, involuntary movements, weakness, unsteady gait, and over time, legs and arms may become spastic. Muscle contractures (shrinkage or shortening of a muscle) often occur over time. Mental functions may deteriorate. Some patients may have convulsions and skeletal deformation, such as scoliosis, resulting from abnormal muscular stress on bones.
The diagnosis of PMD is often first suggested after identification by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of abnormal white matter (lumpy too) throughout the brain, which is typically evident by about 1 year of age, but more subtle abnormalities should be evident during infancy. Unless there is a family history consistent with sex-linked inheritance, the condition is often misdiagnosed as cerebral palsy. The most common mutations, accounting for 50 to 70% of PMD cases, that cause PMD are complete duplications of the region of the X chromosome containing the PLP1 gene. Small mutations within the PLP1 gene itself account for about 20% of cases. Some of the remaining cases are accounted for by mutations in the gap junction A12 ( GJA12 ) gene, and are now called Pelizaeus-Merzbacher-like disease (PMLD). Other cases of apparent PMD do not have mutations in either the PLP1 or GJA12 genes, and are presumed to be caused either by mutations in other genes, or by mutations not detected by sequencing the PLP1 gene exons and neighboring intronic regions of the gene. Once a PLP1 or GJA12 mutation is identified, prenatal diagnosis or preimplantation genetic diagnostic testing is possible.
There is no cure for PMD, nor is there a standard course of treatment. Treatment, which is symptomatic and supportive, may include medication for seizures and spasticity. Regular evaluations by physical medicine and rehabilitation, orthopedic, developmental and neurologic specialists should be made to ensure optimal therapy and educational resources. The prognosis for those with Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease is highly variable, with children with the most severe form (so-called connatal) usually not surviving to adolescence, but survival into the sixth or even seventh decades is possible, especially with attentive care. Genetic counseling should be provided to the family of a child with PMD.
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Another Heart calls   in reply to shequita17   on

The past couple of months

i am so sorry ,But i would say go ask for emergancy assistamce they can help alott..with housing if they say u will be on a waiting list tell them you will be homeless and you need help...and they will try all they can..wishes you the best--kaitlyn

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The past couple of months

I'm really trying right now.... I have a 8 month old child and no where to go.... no car... no winter clothes.... and i'm staying here and there every other night.

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Need help to fix my poor old jeep >.<

I don't know where to start really....
I'm a stay at home dad taking care of my daughter and my son who has Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease so I'm pretty much stuck at home with them leaving me unabled to work. My girlfriend works but it isn't nearly enough to keep us out. Embarress as I am that I myself working it is for a good reason that I'm working rather than having my wife. She herself has the same condition as her son but on a smaller scale that it mostly affects her legs but she is capable of still working but it would be difficult to take care of the kids. On top of that I suffer from depression and various emotional conditions making it difficult to sustain a job and raise the kids plus a good reason as stated as above.
With all that said I'm in a bind in where our only vehicle has died, supposedly an electrical problem, and I would need at least 300-400 dollars to fix that I don't have. I hate to use my son's disability in with this plea but anyone with a disable son would know the spot I'm in. I just really need some help and I'm being very honest with my plea.

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Single Mother needs help

Hi , how are u , i am male 30, sound health , never smoke , never drink. A+ blood group. really want to sell my kidney. just serious buyer pls. 0060126270197

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My aunts house burned down, she has two children with no toys or clothing.

my aunts house burned to the ground, she lost everything she had worked so hard for and has children 4 and 6.

please help her by making a donation, every bit helps.

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Starshine   in reply to trianaed   on

My Brother Needs To Have All His Teeth Pulled


I am so sorry about the loss of your mother. Here is a link that might help yourbrother with his teeth being pulled.

and this one check their schedule

as they are in Kentucky in June see the link for exact dates

good luck 


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My Brother Needs To Have All His Teeth Pulled

Hello, I need help to aid my brother in getting all his teeth pulled and getting dentures.  He is in severe pain and has horrible infections.  He is only 23 years old and his mother passed away last year on March 13th, 2009 just 1 day before her b-day.  She and I were the only ones he could depend on to help, but I am not able to financially foot this bill.  I am looking for anyone that would like to help or Dentist in Louisiville, Ky that would like to take on a charity case to get him out of this misery since he is not able to obtain insurance and the illness has not allowed him to work.  Please let me know. Thanks for any and all help!!!

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